The Foundation of Blue Coast Savings from Shawn Hull

January 30, 2017
Before founding Blue Coast Savings, Shawn Hull established his first business while attending the University of Arizona where he was studying to earn a degree in business. He then started two more companies as well as began consulting for other start-up companies on how to help their businesses thrive much like he was able to do for his own companies. It was in consulting that he had the inspiration for Blue Coast Savings. Shawn Hull now uses his knowledge regarding business development to help consultants improve businesses while creating income revenue streams for themselves. He believes that for one person to win, it does not mean that the other must lose. Therefore the consultants as well as the clients win from the relationship developed by Blue Coast Savings due to Shawn Hull’s practiced tactics.

A Healthy Focus with Blue Coast Financial

July 17, 2016
Business owners strive for independence in their businesses. Everyone is looking for ways to improve their businesses financially and Blue Coast Financial helps companies to see that it takes more than a financial focus to improve business, there must also be a healthy personal and recreational focus. Every service offered through Shawn Hull’s Blue Coast Financial is designed with the business owner’s success as the goal. Whether it be expense reduction, special tax incentives, or any multitude of other products and programs that they offer, Blue Coast Financial will find ways to better your business without changing the status quo of method.